14 Creative Halloween Costumes That Are Sure To Turn Heads!

14 Cool DIY Halloween Looks Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your costume! Leaving it until the last minute usually results in a costume that’s either unoriginal (we see you bed sheet ghost) or expensive, so to avoid that scary bad scenario, check out these 14 creative costume ideas. Happy haunting!

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7 Famous Shields you can make for cosplay, costumes, or just for fun

I show you a whole lot of creative techniques for making shields out of common materials including cardboard, foamboard or even a plastic sled. Make a specific shield or use my techniques to make your own shield.
How to get a great metallic painted look.
How to curve foamboard..
And more..

Here is the playlist to all 12 of my shield making projects:

The seven shields in this video are:
00:01 Introduction
01:45 Spartan Shield
02:25 Viking Shield
03:20 Zelda Hylian Shield
03:54 Skyrim Dawnguard Shield
05:01 Roman Scutum
07:06 LOTR Elven Shield
08:46 Captain America Shield

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