COSPLAY SHOPPING in TOKYO! (Nakano, Ikebukuro, & Akihabara for Halloween costumes)

To prepare for Tokyo’s Halloween celebrations in 2022, we’re costume shopping in they city’s top cosplay / otaku districts: Akihabara, Nakano (Nakano Broadway), and Ikebukuro!

We’re Brandi & Alan.
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β€£First ones back in JAPAN! (Opening day in TOKYO!)

β€£First tourists in AKIHABARA, TOKYO (Japan’s pop culture capital)

β€£JAPAN’S OPENING WEEKEND! (Shinjuku nightlife & Tokyo Skytree)

β€£Tokyo’s CAPYBARA CAFE! (Kichijoji + Inokashira Park)

β€£COSPLAY SHOPPING in TOKYO! (Nakano, Ikebukuro, & Akihabara for Halloween costumes)


0:00 Intro
0:16 Akihabara
3:07 Nakano
5:33 Exploring Nakano Broadway
8:28 Ikebukuro
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The COOLEST Halloween costumes in Japan #shorts

These are the coolest halloween costumes in Japan!

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How I made a fullbody Bowser costume #cosplay #costume #howto #bowser #fursuitmaker

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Materials used:
– Foam body
– Plastic wrap
– Duct tape (
– 1 cm thick upholstery foam (
– Hot glue (
– Fleece (
– Thread (
– EVA foam (
– Acrylic paint (
– Flexbond
– Varnish (
– Foam clay (
– Contact cement/glue (for the EVA foam) (
– Magnets (

– Glue gun (
– Pen (
– Scissor (
– Sewing needle (
– Brush for paint (
– Sewing machine (

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