I turned my TERRIBLE online purchases into Halloween costumes

I ordered disastrous, unrealistic Pinterest clothes, and now we are going to put them to good use through some Halloween looks!
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reacting to celebrity halloween costumes

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in today’s video i decided to react and review different celebrity halloween costumes from 2022 including kendall jenner as jessie from toy story, olivia rodrigo as betty boop, lizzo as marge simpson, and more! which celebrity had your favorite halloween costume?

intro 0:00
doja cat 1:51
addison rae 3:08
keke palmer 4:29
anya taylor-joy 5:58
olivia rodrigo 6:45
riverdale girls 7:17
chloe bailey 8:08
halle bailey 9:37
megan thee stallion 10:18
janelle monae 11:31
lizzo 12:13
cardi b 13:40
kim kardashian 15:15
kendall jenner 15:40
kylie jenner 17:31
heidi klum 19:43
hailey baldwin 21:27
beyonce 22:23
megan fox 23:18
julia fox 25:42
paris hilton 26:41

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Bakugou BURNS the weirdest Halloween costumes

Happy spooky season and congrats to the second episode of Bakugou Burns! What costume would you burn? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cast & Crew
Bakugou Katsuki + Lighting and Camera | @Svattii
Uraraka + On Set Assistant and Assistant Editor | Skyver Cosplay
Deku + Lead Editor | Vehn

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Monster High Halloween Costumes #shorts #monsterhigh




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