HALLOWEEN COSTUMES Highlight Video at Midwest Haunters Convention MHC

Compilation video of the best Halloween costumes, haunt characters, scary cosplay, SFX Makeup, and masks at the 2023 MHC Midwest Haunters Convention in Chicago. This video features tons of DIY costumes, haunt actors, professional haunted house costumes and more. Get tons of ideas for your own Halloween costume! Filmed by Halloween Eye at the Midwest Haunters Show.

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14 Creative Halloween Costumes That Are Sure To Turn Heads!

14 Cool DIY Halloween Looks Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your costume! Leaving it until the last minute usually results in a costume that’s either unoriginal (we see you bed sheet ghost) or expensive, so to avoid that scary bad scenario, check out these 14 creative costume ideas. Happy haunting!

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Scary Halloween Costume..

We made this scary Halloween costume for my 6 year old!! And it is awesome!

If you want your kiddo to have the coolest Halloween costume in 2022 then build this DIY beheaded Halloween costume

This kids Halloween costume didn’t cost much at all. You could actually build it for under $30. It took us about 2 hours to make this DIY Halloween costume.

Here is the list of materials I used to build this DIY Halloween Costume

– Halloween Skeleton prop
– 1/2″ PVC pipe and fittings
– Kids backpack
– black electrical tape
– fake blood
– makeup
– white paper plate

Find all the items to create this scary costume at our storefront here:

Whether you are making this to have the best Halloween costume or just want to wear it around the house, this DIY costume is perfect.

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I turned my TERRIBLE online purchases into Halloween costumes

I ordered disastrous, unrealistic Pinterest clothes, and now we are going to put them to good use through some Halloween looks!
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