Why So Serious: Incredible Compilation of Joker Cosplay The videos are just as cloying and weird as the two-dimensional ones that we karaoke addicts are used to. It’s a real shame, because I’ve since seen plenty of videos of Bowie’s performances on that tour as well as his onstage collaborations with Reznor on “Reptile” and a reworked version of “Hurt,” and all those performances were fascinating. The karaoke app has already started to add a number of artist collaborations to flesh out the experience. From awkward teacher role-play with a Japanese schoolgirl, to anime J-Pop idol concerts, digitized musicians, Godzilla and virtual karaoke rooms (!), these regional exclusives very much cater to the locals. More concert-based content would totally work with VR and karaoke. But that just makes the successful attempts that much more exciting. While standalone (much less stand-out) games are few, anime cosplay there are still handful of experiences that are only playable with a Japanese PlayStation account.

But she’s not there. There are plenty of anime eye makeup tutorials on YouTube and other websites. And as Wilcox tells us, there are still plenty of challenges for shooting in VR: “There is no ‘fourth wall’ since the camera can see in all directions,” he noted. Helping out the slow motion is a new action rig, which allows the camera to smoothly flow through space. The PBS film, which premiered at Sundance last week, uses its period setting to show off several new filmmaking techniques, including the first 120 fps slow-motion recording in VR and the use of a customized action camera rig. Last week, Johnson shared more behind-the-scenes images and revealed that he was already in the final week of production on the DC comics film. It won’t be Paloma’s first spin in the film world, with her onscreen credits including Peter & Wendy and Doctor Parnassus.

As for the new things the film brings to the table, I particularly enjoyed its implementation of slow motion. It’s things like that which make me forever grateful for the indelible impact he made on music and culture. I must admit that I’m not as familiar with David Bowie’s works as some of my fellow editors, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been felt his massive influence on music on popular culture. NIN mastermind Trent Reznor’s appreciation for David Bowie is well-known — NIN did a co-headlining tour with Bowie in 1995 in support of The Downward Spiral. He was my favorite artist’s favorite artist, and albums that’ve had such a huge impact on my life (specifically, Nine Inch Nails’ The Fragile and Reznor’s soundtrack work) almost assuredly wouldn’t have happened were it not for the trails Bowie blazed in his career. At a short running time of nine minutes, we only get glimpses at their lives, but they’re enough to make an emotional impact. In My Brother’s Keeper, we can see glimpses of where VR filmmaking is headed. You can also view it in standard 2D 360-degree video on YouTube and Facebook, but those options only match a fraction of the experience.

It’s available on just about every VR video platform, including YouTube, Facebook, VivePort (for HTC’s Vive), Oculus Rift and Samsung Video for the Gear VR. Characters including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, at Jedi-Robe The Star Wars Shop. The suit is presumably to celebrate Halloween and begs the question if other characters will be getting similar Halloween-inspired outfits. I thought. “Cute anime characters that I dance along with and look like an idiot!” I thought. So far, so anime plotline. Japanese Visual-kei band Golden Bombers are one of the first artists to collaborate, offering two special edition 360-videos with two tracks. Even now, in the wake of his passing, some of my favorite artists are showcasing their love and respect for the man, and I’m discovering even more about how smart and prescient he was.

Everyone’s too focused on new content to even think about visiting classic video games and cosplaying from them. I have never felt that with typical video games. It’s a Diablo clone in a time where Diablo III and Torchlight II are both readily available for purchase among countless others, and I can’t for the life of me see anything it’s offering that those other games don’t do. Pro-tip: Purchase the option with the hidden adjustable strap to help the headpiece stay on better. You play as a tutor hired to help Japanese high school student Hikari improve her grades. She hired a masseuse to help her relax at her Los Angeles mansion and during the rub insisted on watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2009 comedy movie ‘Bruno’ – which lasts 81 minutes and sees the actor portray a flamboyant fashionista – on repeat.

A story about two estranged brothers facing off on a Civil War battlefield might seem like a strange fit for a virtual reality film, but My Brother’s Keeper isn’t your typical VR movie. There’s no shortage of ways to view My Brother’s Keeper. My Brother’s Keeper is set around the battle of Antietam, which is notorious for being the deadliest single-day fight in American history. The effect is mostly used during the battle scenes, which gives you time to soak in the detail in the actors’ costumes and the carnage happening around you. What’s happening to me? Bayonetta 2: The witch is back on Oct. 24. The game features over-the-top battles with wild weapons that take place in gorgeous set pieces. World of Wardrobe: Serpentshrine, Tempest Keep, Hyjal, and Black Temple We recently learned that Burning Crusade weapons and gear are apparently the most popular for transmogrification. The raid lockout mechanic has been a mainstay of the World of Warcraft rules since Onyxia and Molten Core, ensuring that no one can obtain loot from a boss more than once per lockout. Tortos’ whirl turtles have now had an issue removed where, just occasionally, they would proceed towards the boss at what seemed like a glacially slow speed, even when kicked in a timely fashion!

And it remains to be seen if Black Widow’s set pieces are as indelible as any stunt in the Mission: Impossible series — or even Marvel’s own memorable moments like Winter Soldier’s elevator fight. A clip from the video shows James and Paul in vibrant costumes as they make a series of inappropriate dance moves while singing to ‘roll the dice’ and ‘brush the teeth’. The film, which was written and directed by Connor Hair and Alex Meader and produced by StoryTech Immersive and Perception Squared together with the Technicolor Experience Center, is also partially inspired by the PBS Civil War series Mercy Street.