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Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet as fated to be together, destined to fall in love despite all odds and to die in order to end the strife between their families. A quiet end. He does not choose a death that would be glorified, he is no Antony dying on his sword, or Tristan dying for the sake of his beloved, but rather one befitting someone tired, weary of the strife and misery that has stolen all of his hope. The hopelessness of his existence, a boy in love, exiled from his home, haunted by the deaths of his dearest friend and his new wife’s cousin, brought from the brink of suicide by the faint hope that one day he might be able to openly love Juliet as his wife. As a feminist don’t you think Juliet’s suicide is off-putting? But the play romanticizes suicide. In the play her husband is dead and her unwanted betrothed has been killed. But they were two teenagers who killed themselves over a crush. He accepts that his actions are unforgivable, and that in killing Tybalt he has effectively killed their future and any happiness they might have had together. People know anime and films well are easily to seek out the possibility in the unknown future.

6 years ago There was something about the vaguely claustrophobic nature of the play, the quiet isolation, two people thrown into a world of chaos and hatred finding sanctuary in one another. So when people want to repost memes about how it wasn’t a love story, it was about two teenagers who caused the deaths of seven people, signed anyone who read the play, keep posting your bitterness because it was assigned reading in high school English and you didn’t understand the language so you thought it would be cool later in life to deride it. Really? Let’s blame a pair of teenagers for a feud that the adults around them keep fueling. Something that could have been prevented if any of the adults around them had taken the time to have the same courage, compassion, or clarity that Juliet possessed. The same can be said of Friar Laurence abandoning Juliet in the crypt, unwilling to answer for his part once their plans were undone.

But this is one of the joys of cosplay, allowing fans to see two characters in the same place who don’t normally interact. Juliet is written as the most mature, collected, and strongest of all the play’s characters. It has always been telling to me that Shakespeare gave Juliet the ‘noble death’. I had the honor of serving as a guest panelist on Ivy Doomkitty’s “So they say you shouldn’t cosplay” panel at New York Comic Con in 2014. This panel is very important to me, as I had recently came out to family and friends as Transgender, so it gave me an outlet to address the hurdles that I had to overcome to get to where I am. Pair it with the Wolverine wig and white tank or the Cosplay leather costume for an realistic Wolverine look. Includes anime convention summaries, costume WIPs, circle lens reviews, tutorials, and more – come and have a look! The easiest way to create the look is by purchasing some sort of clown dress. Dress up as your favourite character from days gone by with our anime and cosplay costumes. However, it is not a daunting thing if you really understand your chosen character and admire him or her.

However, Sora makes up for it with the rest of her outfit! The outfit looks great, and the hair color is just right, not too bright nor dull. With her magnifying glass in one hand and her flashlight in the other, she appears to be standing in the middle of a dark tunnel, with what looks to be a house right behind her. While Romeo pursues her initially, she is the driving force behind their relationship, the one calling the shots, setting the boundaries. And while that in itself is very problematic, one must remember that this a girl living in the Renaissance, she has very little voice of her own, her role in society is to be pretty and talented and witty and demure, a lady of refinement with little agency. Happy to play a role in their tryst until it became complicated. Throughout the play they are failed by those who they should have been able to rely on.

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