There’s one time a year we see our favourite celebs flex their creativity muscles to the max. Halloween isn’t just about tricking or treating anymore, it’s when we get to see celebs come out in some outrageous, yet iconic costumes. In this video we give a rundown of some of the most memorable costumes these celebs have rocked over the years.
Whether it’s paying homage to their fellow celebs, by dressing up like Queen Bey, or making it a family affair, like Kim Kardashian, you can count on these celebs to never disappoint. For some it’s just another holiday, and fun to dress, for these celebs though, it’s like the Met Gala, but in October. It’s not a competition but these celebs are definitely winning at the Halloween game, so it’s no surprise why fans anticipate their looks every year. And every year, they just keep outdoing themselves, with newer, more creative costumes. From pop culture references to adorable puns, to the full-on productions some of these celebs put on with sets and storylines, we’re looking at you Ms. Heidi Klum and Saweetie. It’s clear these celebs take spooky season seriously, and the devil is definitely in the details. Spooky or not, these costumes are iconic, outstanding and a little outrageous, but that’s why we love ‘em! Let us know, in the comments, whose costume you loved the most, and would consider recreating for your own spooky season adventure. And if you’d love more outrageous celebrity content, make sure you like, share, and subscribe to The Things Celebrity!


0:00 Intro
0:18 Heidi Klum
1:10 Ariana Grande
1:54 Kim Kardashian
2:38 Lizzo
3:21 Kourtney & Travis Barker
4:04 Kylie Jenner
4:50 Beyoncé
5:33 Katy Perry
6:10 Kendall Jenner
6:55 Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner
07:35 Cardi B
8:17 Rihanna
8:52 Lil Nas X
9:26 Gigi Hadid
10:05 Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams
10:31 Outro

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Written by: Elizabeth Oloidi
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Nikola Vasilevsk

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