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Specifically, it is much more convenient to women eyewear vary in different colors, designs and styles. An example of one such famous cosplayer is Li or as he’s more commonly known ‘Pimlink’; a young man who recognized for his impeccable portrayal of Zelda from ‘The Legend of the Zelda’ series. The 19th Comics, Cartoons, Cosplay, Fantasy and Collecting Expo will be open to all the fans of the genre and offer a rich and varied program, as usual: meetings, shows, promotions, previews, exhibitions and much more. Do not miss the exhibition dedicated to the 50 years of Diabolik, the exhibitions Marilyn Monroe: unauthorized investigation and Histoire de Fantomas, dedicated to the first masked criminal in history. Firstly, cheap is the first keyword I wanna talk about. Furthermore, fashion, which represents stylish and trendy stuff , is the second keyword to mention here. Actually, there are only few days before Halloween, and people all over the world are prepared for it and here is an increasingly number of individuals having passion on it. Some of them are sexy when they attire the ffx-2 costume, and some are beautiful by dressing the summoner, the songstress uniform and many other chic costumes. Similarly fashion lovers can check out the shoe stores also to fulfill their dressing statements.

It is an opportunity for cosplayers to perform favorite scenes from the shows, perform original skits or partake in ‘fashion shows’ to the delight of the fans. Tori dresses in her extravagant outfits every day and can sometimes take up to four hours to complete her makeup and outfit combinations – especially when performing at drag shows as ‘Venus Thightrapp’. Only few steps and you can pass from the world of videogames to the world of comics, visiting the spaces dedicated to Cartoomics. And women might also be interested in videogames and comics, of course! It’s a short step from videogames to comics, especially in Fieramilanocity! One such international cosplay event is the Madman National Cosplay Competition which takes place in Australia annually. If you’re not happy with your dress clothes then can search for new one. Especially children dress clothes are highly promoted on online stores as they’re regular customers. Pink wigs – Wigs with pink color shed are known to be quite charming and also purchased by the people to a large extent.

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