As if the iconic duo presenting wasn’t already enough of a tie-in to last year’s ceremony Dunaway wore the exact same black dress to present as she did on the red carpet of the 2017 Academy Awards. Massively sent intrepid reporter MJ Guthrie to this year’s SOE Live, from which she’ll be transmitting all the best fan news on EverQuest Next, Landmark, H1Z1, and the other MMOs on SOE’s roster. Margot revealed she would reprise her role as demented doctor Quinn back in September, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She looks perfect in the role of Ciri with her game-accurate costume, and several phot and video shoots help sell her as the character. Over the next couple of days, you can help Momo the cat defeat underwater foes when you visit the Google homepage. Then ordinary people-not other members of the main cast, but background players who we’ve never met-suddenly step forward and help Spider-Man. Step 1: Cut off the top portion of the half foam ball to make a flat surface instead of a rounded one.

Yelena Belova - Black Widow - Yelena Belova - Black Widow UK… - Flickr Also, I chose not to make a Wonder Woman gold headband/crown for Adeline, since she never keeps them on for very long. Its two-toned fabric and smattering of gold embellishments are identical to Khaleesi’s Qartheen gown, making it the perfect cosplay costume to don. For business inquiries, please contact us and schedule a meeting in our New York office at 295 Madison ave. To shop or place an order, simply browse cosplay items here at our online store! To give some of the many wonderful Halloween costumes that you might pick for the event, here are a bit of everything that most individuals will mostly like it for this generation. This will give you 2 layers to the collar – an upper and lower layer.

The key to resembling a Minecraft character will be in the headgear – use a whole box as your helmet (decorated appropriately) to give the illusion that your head is made from an in-game cube. This strap can go around the back of your child’s head or under your child’s chin. Step 7: When wearing the costume, have the belt go around your child’s back and through the front 2 slits of the poncho. Step 4: To make the antennae, cut 2 toothpicks in half. You can create the center rectangular detail with just a piece of pleather itself or by covering a piece of craft foam with the pleather fabric (which will make it sturdier). Use it as your pattern to cut out the cummerbund from the pleather fabric.

Made lips and a nose out of the sculpey clay, and glued those on the mask. Jake Sully : The officially licensed Deluxe Jake Sully Halloween costume kit includes a jacket and shirt together with the standard Na’vi striping on the arms, Avatar tail and also a blue face mask. An officially licensed costume from Rubie, this set includes a full printed jumpsuit complete with boot tops and a moulded mask. You can even add the finishing touch to your costume with a full selection of gloves, boots and masks to complete any look from a galaxy far, far away. Add black ears and stand together to finish off the look. You can add a couple of tablespoons of sand for additional effect. WoW Insider’s BlizzCon 2011 predictions I’m still struck by how accurate fan sites can get even if Blizzard successfully clamps down on leaks. The good news is that if you are still stumped, there is more than enough time to figure out your look; the key is thinking outside the box and relying on an easy DIY Halloween costume. And yet, we’re still buying things last minute, deep into October.

Now get ready for a deep cut – it’s the same painting used in the 1989 Batman movie. If you enjoyed watching the new Batman movies, the previous The Dark Knight movie trilogy, or the classics, harley quinn costume we made a list of the best replica costumes and props from all the movies. Even though her cute brother got most of the attention, she enjoyed her costume. No matter what kind of Star Wars fan you are, your costume is waiting for you inside! The idea is simple enough: DC universe meets fine dining, with an immersive high-tech experience inside the Monarch Theater (named after where Batman’s parents were shot) as the showstopper event.