FNAF has new Costumes just in time for Halloween so we have to decide if we want to be Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica or Foxy !
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Way to go Superstar! It’s Halloween at the Mega Pizza Plex and Fazbears Pizza so we have to decide which FNAF Character we should be! Theres Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Chica from Five Nights at Freddys Security Breach and even Foxy from the original 5 Nights at Freddys Fazbears Pizza. Once we decide we can get ready to go trick or treating at all of the FNAF locations and visit all of the other animatronics like Bonnie and Monty Gator and Roxanne Wolf and Vanny and Sundrop and Moondrop Daycare Attendant and Gregory and Springtrap and Gltchtrap and Burntrap and Circus Baby and El Chip and Golden Freddy !

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