After a day of costume watching, conducting a few great interviews (which I’ve shared on Show 329), and a failed attempt at getting into the “Mythbusters” panel, the exhibition hall closed and it was time to head back into the streets for dinner and a few more activities to finish the day. What’s so great about these choices of fancy dress, is that the cosplayer tends to be a little more inventive, as they attempt to create a look that both resembles their chosen cartoon figure and works in the real world too. After all, the ’80s was a great decade when it came to delivering memorable animated series, wasn’t it? The action figures went on to become the basis for two television shows, two comic book series, a video game and of course, two movies starring Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson. G.I. Joe was a popular series that was inspired by Hasbro’s military-themed toyline that went by the same name. Stars and producers from Disney XD’s Big Hero 6 The Series discuss the animated show and share sneak peeks of the third season.

Canadian cosplayer and professional makeup artist Jessie D L dressed as the eponymous hero for Fan Expo Canada in September 2017 and the outcome is awesome. It’s no surprise then that Jonathan Carroll, an actor who dressed as the titular hero at DragonCon 2017, is also a bodybuilder. Since then however, it’s proved popular with both genders. But if you don’t have a jumpsuit, then orange pants and a jacket that is either blue or orange can be zipped on. As for Amu cosplay, the Amu Amulet Spade costume is composed of light blue hat with spade on it, white shirt with ruffle at front, removable sleeves attached with white bold bow at back, deep blue pants and a pair of striped socks, which is really amazing; and the light pink Amu Amulet Heart dress is in the form of short pink sleeveless jacket with ruffle edge, matching ruffle mini skirt, a pair of legguard, a pair of armband, hat with a red heart embedded and red ribbon. You won’t be more attractive with this tailor-made cute dress.

But once you can find a much classier style with great fabric and ingenious hand work, you will have more fun with it. Second, find a utility belt to wear over your jacket and it will be great for hanging canteens and other accessories. I’m going to do Ygritte from Game of Thrones, though I haven’t seen her design yet from the show (the cold winds are rising in April!) I also love the new Thundercats show and want to cosplay from that, but I’m hoping there will be another female character other than Cheetara (Pumyra perhaps?), though I’m probably not above cosplaying WilyKit if it comes to that. To some, cosplaying is a hobby. Con crunch time, which is looking to be the biggest con of the year for me, but is also where my plans get murky. EOY, also known as the “End of Year” Japanese cultural arts event, is a non-profit, fan-run multigenre convention featuring anime, cosplay, Lolita fashion and Japanese pop music held in Singapore. We could easily find tha there are all kinds of items for our Code Geass cosplay, such as the cosplay costumes, cosplay cloak, uniform, jacket, Lolita costume, fob, pencil bag and wig and the like.

Talking cosplay with Geek Lyfe a few years ago, Drefan confessed to immersing himself in the community after a serious injury meant that he had to quit competitive sports. Enjoy the Naruto costumes and accessories that we have, specially crafted and designed by talented designers with years of costume production experience. Further down a few blocks, the South Park “Year of the Fan” experience honoring 15 years of the show was being torn down. The biggest challenge when fans choose to cosplay as classic Transformers these days is actually achieving a look that resembles something out of the original animated series, rather than being influenced by Michael Bay’s cinematic take on the shape-shifting robots in disguise. Inside, it’s important to have a camera ready as the elaborate outfits being worn around the exhibition hall are impressive and quite photo-worthy. Typical the cosplay outfits are inspired by manga, anime, comic books, video games, and films. Others just appear to be tiny outfits with no purpose other than to be a tiny outfit. And it’s often the case that when a girl in a tight outfit stops to pose for a single photo, a swarm of guys with cameras quickly gather around, each wanting a photo of their own.

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