Sam loves horror games most of all when it comes to making and playing. An experienced producer, director, writer and special effects makeup artist and coordinator for a wide variety of independent feature films, TV shows, and live events, she’s been in the film industry for 45 years, and when between making films is often a guest speaker at conventions, film festivals, seminars, and appears regularly at the San Diego Comic-Con: International where she donates her time and talents with professional make-up assistance for Masquerade contestants. You need not have made the costume yourself, perhaps a friend or family member did, or was a group effort, but it cannot be purchased from a professional maker. As always, awards for entries deemed the most outstanding will be given in several categories as judged by professional costumers. As per our decades of previous live events, we anticipate that many entries will be solo costumes; others will be groups with a shared theme.

Cheshire Cat Alice In Wonderland Dress Cosplay Costume ... Your entry can be a solo costume, or a group entry. Each entry is allotted up to 10 photos or 45 seconds of video time, and groups may have an extra 15 seconds additional video time for each member in the group (maximum of 2 minutes). 3. Each entry is allotted up to 10 photos or 45 seconds of video time, and groups may have an extra 15 seconds additional time for each member in the group (maximum of 2 minutes). You can always make your costume if you’re crafty and you’ve got loads of time, but if you’re no dressmaker or your deadline is getting tight, shop for the perfect cosplay outfit here at RebelsMarket. Most of time, manufacturers will make them from Lycra spandex, which is considered as the best material on tights. From the Frank & Son Collectible Show, in the City of Industry, CA, a bi-weekly mini-con for everyone’s collectible needs, a generous award of $1,000 cash is awarded for the best character recreation: “Iron Man Mark 85”, crafted by Frank Pillar. The Frank & Son Collectible Show, of the City of Industry, California, your giant one-stop show for all things collectible at their bi-weekly mini-cons, will as it has for many years for our conventions present to one outstanding costume entry in our Comic-Con@Home virtual Masquerade a very generous Cosplay-supporting award of $1,000.

Wallpaper anime, girl, beauty, Christmas, New Year, 4k ... Beautiful Comic-Con awards, featuring our custom-created Masquerade medallions, will be presented in categories of: Best In Show, Judges’ Choice, Best Re-Creation, Best Original Design, Best Workmanship, Best Presentation, Best Group, and Most Humorous. Also, some websites claim “royalty free” or “copyright free” music, but charge fees to download them, so avoid those sites, and search for “free to use” or “public domain” as your best chances for selecting music we can use. If you wish you can include music in your video, however while we pay performance fees for copyrighted music heard at our conventions, our licenses do NOT cover Internet use. This means you’ll need to use “free to use” or “public domain” music only-and there are several Internet sites where you can select and download music to accompany your video entry with no royalties or fees involved. Note that some sites grant free use of their music as long as you credit the composer or source in your video, so be sure to credit them or we will not be able to accept your video. Audio elements of your submission may contain narration, music, interviewing and sound effects, but NO copyrighted music (unless it is your own). It is expected that some costumes may include as minor elements some purchased items.

Looking cosplay costumes for Son Goku from DRAGON BALL ? Whenever a pop culture convention rolls around, it doesn’t take very long for fancy dress enthusiasts to find a Black Widow costume or a Batman get-up while perusing the cosplay tag on social media. Growing up in Hawaii, there weren’t any anime conventions or cosplay groups around, at least until very recently. Catleesi posts a lot of her cosplay work on Imgur and Reddit. Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, Disney, and more, his work has been exhibited around the world in museums, film premieres and numerous conventions. It may be inspired by some work of fantasy, science fiction, mythology, etc., but is not a copy. You may even include some of your construction process if you like. We may expand these categories depending on the costumes that are submitted. 4. Costumes that have appeared in previous San Diego Comic-Con Masquerades or as “Hall Costumes” at our past cons are not allowed, however, costumes that have participated in the past at other fan conventions are welcome in this event. 5. Your Masquerade entry cannot also be also entered in the Comic-Con@Home Cosplay Challenge photo contest (intended for what is usually seen at the con as walk-around “Hall Costumes”).

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