All in all, Etsy is a place where you can find so many talented artists to commission and get some amazing pieces for your cosplays. Nerd Much will be having DIY Cosplay Fridays starting today, providing you with pieces of costumes you can buy, as well as tips on how to put your costumes together. For a cosplay under $100, it was easy to put a little bit of weathering work in the cosplay to make it match my vision for the character. Just buy a yellow jumpsuit and put a pair of yellow rabbit ears on top with a small tail. I’ve listed my top 10 sites for costumes and props below with the most obvious such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy last. Because some cosplayers have this goal in mind of hitting the jackpot and rising to popularity, cosplaying nowadays has started to feel more like the latest cycle of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model where you have to have the best photos so you can build your “cosplay” portfolio. One of the best features of this site is that you can customize what you want on your suit. If you want to add a forearm zipper, calf zipper, shoe inserts, or even a crotch zipper, you can add it to the order.

3ds building concordia Lyz kept exceptionally well to the character, even going so far as to add two more legs to really bring the character to life. You will hardly find a person whose lifestyle is connected with cosplay, who don’t want to transform into a character from the Destiny at the next gathering or festival. A graduate of Fine Arts from the university of Louisville who has been sewing professionally for nearly a decade, Haas has competed in and adjudicated a number of costume competitions. The couple are anime enthusiasts who have created costumes based on the Final Fantasy video-game franchise, the manga series My Hero Academia and the animated Netflix series Castlevania. More than 4,000 pop-culture enthusiasts have signed a petition to withdraw American actor Adam Baldwin’s invitation from the upcoming event Supanova Pop Culture Expo. Almost all of my spandex suits lately have come from HerosTime. Another great thing about HerosTime is that it gives a percentage of the sale as well as the price of the digital file back to the original designer of the suits if it was created by an independent artist.

Amazon is a site for so many things nowadays it’s no wonder that there’s lots of cosplays for sale on there as well. While this site has mostly anime-related cosplays, it also has plenty of other fandoms such as Legend of Zelda, Overwatch, Game of Thrones, and more. I was given their Sephiroth cosplay a while back and let me tell you it is one of my absolute favorite cosplays I own. When it comes to Naruto, it brings both girls and boys a lot of meaningful things that tons of followers have an absolute zeal for this series. I have bought quite a few commissioned pieces from artists on Etsy (and even sell my own superhero capes that I custom make for people), and one of my absolute favorites is my Daenerys cosplay from Marie Cosplay Shop. I have bought quite a few of ProCosplay’s outfits including their Captain Marvel and Hela looks. Quite a few Scarlet Witch cosplayers have been getting her new suit from this site, and I’ve been seeing nothing but good reviews for it. SimCosplay is one of the main cosplay sites that I use to get suits such as Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

Last but not least we have one of the best places to get quality cosplays: Etsy. While many of them are similar to other cosplay sites on this list, they do have some quality cosplays that you can either modify or wear straight out of the bag. While I have never used Cosplay Sky myself, I have heard some pretty positive reviews from other cosplayers. While I personally wasn’t impressed by their Captain Marvel suit because it felt really tight and the first shoes they sent me didn’t fit (for the record it was one of their first prototypes so they may have improved by now), I absolutely love their Hela cosplay they have. Thanks to the Japanese game designer Takahashi Nobuyuki, cosplay has moved out of the shadows where it always stood and is now a widely recognized and respected part of mainstream culture. Just click the Order Now button above for more details regarding this Anime Avatar The Last Airbender Katara Cosplay Costumes item.