My husband and I have a temporary long distance relationship, so I made a Hearthstone for him made out of polymer clay so that he could always come back home. Leave your selfie stick at home. The top of the batting should line up with the top of the wire, but you should leave 2-3 inches of wire poking out of the bottom. For more about captain america costume stop by our own page. You can use wide stitches along the length of the batting tail while removing any masking tape you used to hold it. There are two difficult parts of long, thin tubes in sewing this tail. There’s an incredible amount of patterns out there already, from Japanese anime characters to movie heroes – and villains! Measure the amount of fabric you need by placing the batting/wire on the material. Place the tip of the batting/wire against the tip of the fabric. Remember, the more you add to your tail, the less it will be able to stand on its own, so I don’t recommend substituting this for a different type of fabric unless it’s equally as lightweight. I will teach you how to create a tail that you can position into various poses to bring a little more life into your cosplay.

Loosen the fabric a little to form a small pocket that you place over the end of the tail. Everything will be covered by the fabric. Of course, you will also need basic sewing supplies, including thread, pins, and needles. You won’t be able to use a sewing machine for this part, but there is no need to be neat. I ended up hand-sewing a good portion of the tail, but if you have a sewing machine available, you’ll make the process go a lot faster. If you’re building a cosplay costume or prop out of EVA foam – perhaps a piece of foam armour, a cosplay helmet or a foam weapon – chances are you’ll be wanting to smooth some edges and clean up some lines with your Dremel. You’ll find out that some jobs are best done on a high speed, like polishing away excess glue – but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so always start slow. If you’re a cosplay beginner, the speed setting is your best friend: always start on the lowest RPM. If you’re unsure, you can test what it looks like in a mirror before cutting the wire.

This is also useful if you’re looking for pre-owned cosplays or accessories, as you can search by both category and condition. You can even use faux fur if you want to create a furry cat tail, or a stretch material if you want a tight-fitting tail cover. To fix this, we will add a clear string near the tip of the tail that you can use to hold it up. Use a sturdy wire and clear fishing string to create a tail that you can shape into different poses throughout the day. The first step is to cut the wire at the length you want your tail to be. You might want to make your wire longer depending on your height and what you want the tail to look like. Now it’s time to get out the fabric you want to use for your tail cover. Now you have a long tube of fabric that will be your tail cover.

Sew the length of the seam and the top edge of the tail cover. Push the fabric cover over the top of the tail. You are going to turn the fabric cover right-side out directly onto the tail. Two, you need to get that tube onto the tail to cover it. The craft foam is a lightweight material that will give structure to the tip of the tail. This will ensure that I create a tail tip that fits onto the tail I made. I planned to make the tail about three feet long, but I am also a very short person. This will be used to make a hook and attach the tail to your costume. For example, you can easily add wire to create a three-pronged tail or create many different shapes for your tail spade. This stunning Alisa Bosconovitch cosplay from the Tekken series is on sale⠀ ⠀ The entire costume, prop, wig, shoes, wings are included and you can tell the cosplay is crafted with so much love and attention to detail!

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