After months of waiting, iron man helmet Marvel’s Avengers fans finally got a closer look at the game’s next playable add-on character yesterday. But what will Hawkeye reveal about Ronin that fans haven’t already seen before? The series will introduce two comic book heroes, with Hailee Steinfeld as the next Hawkeye and Alaqua Cox as Echo, a woman who becomes the next Ronin in the comics. Tom Bacon is one of the staff writers at Screen Rant, as well as a Peer Mentor for new writers and a member of the Care Team, providing support and a listening audience to members of the Comics group.

A total fan of major franchises including Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Marvel, Tom is thrilled that his childhood is back – and this hour it’s cool. This year, publisher Blizzard will take its fan event and game showcase digital with BlizzConline. Have you not been looking for Avengers 4 Endgame Hawkeye Ronin Deluxe Halloween costume for your son to wear to his school’s annual dress-up event? Of course, there are couples that have been portrayed every year for decades and these will always be popular. Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, cosplay costumes for women and what he does isn’t very nice.

The livestream did deliver a nice closer look at Hawkeye and the playable character’s toolkit, but some fans were quick to express their surprise and disappointment in the March 18 release date for the hero (and the new generation versions of the game). The stream and some related press released offered up a lot of information on Clint, and touched on the new generation versions of the game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the fans were satisfied and happy with the showing. WandaVision offered the first hints at the full look when Wanda, Vision, anime cosplay and “Quicksilver” donned their classic Marvel comics costumes in the Halloween-themed episode 6 – in which Wanda calls hers a “Sokovian fortune teller” costume. This week’s deep dive war table finally offered up some details about the coming hero and its release date. That means that there is still more than a month left before the new hero arrives and brings some fresh missions to the game.

Of course, it’s probably worth noting that there is a pointed bit of voice over in the trailer about losing “parts of ourselves” when Clint is revealed so there’s also the chance that Clint literally is just suffering some sort of Stone-related mental breakdown and doesn’t actually recognize Nat after she tracks him down. There’s a popular fan theory emerging that she may be more of a red herring, and that her breakdown could-at least in part-be the work of a demon named Mephisto. For more, check out our Avengers: Endgame trailer breakdown. Surprised Hawkeye spinoff can tell the Ronin story Avengers: Endgame failed to deliver. We could tell you about the Game Developer’s Choice awards it’s won, but a more effective description goes like this: If REZ was a top-down shooter, it would be this game. What variations on the Batman theme would you see if you said ‘I want to make a character kind of like Batman’? Giving the newspaper to Echo is a great opportunity to really cultivate Ronin’s legacy by making Echo a very different character, one who chooses to embrace the more brutal kind of vigilance that Clint himself took during the Blip.

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